Help For Single Mothers with No Health Insurance

Health insurance is expensive, and this is a challenging part of raising a family on just one income. Many single mothers out there simply cannot afford healthcare and this is a stressful experience.

There are options that can help alleviate the high price of medical care. There are limited programs from the U.S. Government that can provide you with some assistance getting the help you need. You can also find lots of charities who help struggling single moms access care for their families by lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription medicine.

If you are struggling to pay for medical treatment as a single mother, here are some resources that can help you.

Options for Single Mothers With No Health Insurance

Medical expenses are a large drain on most family’s resources. This makes it stressful to be a single mother trying to raise a family with no health insurance. There are options that you can look at though if you need coverage while raising your family by yourself.

Consolidated Health Centers Program

The Consolidated Health Centers Program is the result of a block grant from the U.S. Government that provides funds for a vast array of primary care health clinics around the country.

This program helps single mothers get medical treatment for their family. Patients that participate in this program are able to receive free primary care medical treatment when they visit any one of these facilities in their state.

A single mother wanting to use this program to provide medical care for their family can find out more information by visiting the organization’s website.

Vaccines for Children Program

The Vaccines for Children Program is a free healthcare program that is administered by the federal government. The program guarantees that important vaccines are available to every child in the country, regardless of their family’s income level.

If you are a single mother trying to raise a family on a low income with no health insurance, you can call the CDC or the Department of Health and Human Service. Your local office for these agencies will help you find all of the information that you need to get your child vaccinated.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The price of prescription medicine is one of the many expenses that comes with paying for medical care without insurance. However, there are some medical research companies that try to offset the high price of these medications for people who need them.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a program that gives struggling families aid in the form of no-cost prescription drug filling. The PPA can be a good tool for single moms who have no insurance.


If you are a single mom whose family meets the federal poverty requirements, you may be qualified for health coverage through Medicaid. You can also enroll your children in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP.

To enroll in these programs, you have to meet certain income criteria. Eligibility is based on the median income for the state you live in, and it changes every year. Just because you are not eligible this year does not mean that you will not be eligible next year.

If you are interested in applying for health coverage for your children through CHIP you can learn more here.

Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

The Maternal and Child Health Block Grant is a grant with funds provided through the Health Resource and Human Services Division. This is a grant that gives single parents inexpensive access to certain health programs such as healthcare for youth, children, women, and infants.

Any mom who is raising kids by herself and is interested in using this grant to secure healthcare for her family, you can find out more information here to see if you qualify.

Churches and Charities That Help Single Mothers with Medical Bills

Almost every church gives a substantial amount of money to charity, and many of these churches are interested in helping single mothers. Because medical bills are one of the most expensive parts of raising a child, this is often one of the main focuses of these charities.

Examples of churches and charities that help single mothers pay medical costs include the following groups.

Dispensary of Hope

Dispensary of Hope is a medical charity whose mission is to provide free or low cost medication to people who need it. Manufacturers donate their excess medication to Dispensary of Hope, instead of throwing the excess away.

This gives physicians more samples to give to patients, and it is easier for pharmacies to administer the medicine to patients who need them.

Children’s Health Fund

The Children’s Health Fund, also known as CHF, is a program that gives free medical care to children in families struggling financially. These funds help cover expenses that come along with medical care and prescription bills for these children.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the most famous charity organizations in the entire world. They are a famous resource, especially in times of disaster, for the medical aid that they provide to communities. There are branches located in every state in America, and you can contact your local branch to find resources near you.

Community Action Organization

The Community Action Partnership provides a number of different types of aid to families with low incomes. This is a resource that single mothers can use to alleviate the burden of their medical bills. They have offices across the country and you can find help from them by accessing this link.

Other Charity Groups Providing Aid

These groups often focus their efforts specifically on assisting economically disadvantaged families in getting medical coverage. However, there are other charities out there that can still help you ease the burden of your medical expenses because they help to cover other expenses that you are facing.

Some of these charities include groups like GreenPath Debt Solutions, which can help you with debt, bankruptcy, late medical bills, and even issues with your mortgage. Another example is Catholic Charities, which primarily focuses on assisting people with energy and utility bills. Getting help from Catholic Charities can free up more money in your budget to pay for medical bills, which can help to ease your stress.

There are also charities that help with food expenses, such as Feeding America and No Kid Hungry. These programs exist across the country, and they work to give food to single mothers in need. No Kid Hungry in particular works with food banks over the summer to make sure that all kids have healthy meals when school is not in session.

Seeking aid from these groups that do not directly affect your medical bills will still help you alleviate your medical expenses, because they are leaving you with more money in your budget to pay those expenses.

Final Thoughts

When you do not have health insurance, it is terrifying to become sick or wounded. However, there are some programs that can help single mothers and other low-income families get the help they need when they need medical treatment. There are government programs and private charities that help to cover your medical and prescription expenses. You should check the eligibility requirements in your area before starting.

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