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Section 8 Assistance Program for Women

Housing is the largest expense for most families and can sometimes be out of reach. Section 8 is a government program which helps low-income individuals and families to be able to afford housing more easily. If you are having trouble paying for your home, Section 8 may be able to offer a helping hand!


Low Income Financial Assistance Programs for Women

If you are a woman who qualifies as low-income, there are many assistance programs that can help you to pay for your basic necessities. Here is a collection of the largest and most helpful.


Foreclosure Assistance Programs for Women

Read on to find out about organizations that help women to prevent foreclosure. These programs can offer financial help today. Apply for free grants .


Mortgage Assistance Programs for Women

If you have a mortgage and are struggling to keep up with the payments, these mortgage assistance programs can help. Get mortgage grants today on our website.


Get Help with Buying your Medications

Are you having trouble affording the medications prescribed by your doctor? Often, medicine is crucial to maintaining your health so when you don’t have the funds to pay for it, the situation can be life-threatening. Nobody wants to be in this position and you shouldn’t have to be. To help prevent it, reach out to these programs and organizations that will help you pay for your medications.


Medical Bills Assistance Programs for Women

Health is of the utmost importance and when something goes wrong, it often requires immediate medical attention, whether you have the money or not. Medical care can then leave you with bills that stack up which can lead to collection efforts and stress. So what should you do and where can you turn for help? Here are several medical bill assistance programs you should know about.


Financial Assistance Programs for Women

Are you a woman in the United States wondering about financial assistance programs? Well, the good news is, there are many in place that may be able to help you.


Organizations That Offer Free or Low-Cost Credit Counseling to Women

If you are looking for some professional guidance on how to build your credit for the first time or how to repair it if things have gone array, the good news is, there are free and low-cost credit counselors that are waiting to help you. Here is where you can turn.


Salvation Army Assistance Programs for Women

If you are facing a difficult time due to financial struggles and are wondering where you can turn, the Salvation Army may be able to help. Here are the programs that it offers.


Free Legal Assistance for Women

Are you a woman in need of legal assistance but without the money to pay for it? Don’t let the situation get worse due to a lack of funds. Instead, check out these resources that offer free legal assistance for women.