Medical Bills Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

One of the hardest things about being a single mom is finding a way to pay for your family’s health care costs. If you do not have access to healthcare, these medical bills can be quite expensive, but there are resources out there that will help you pay for them.

There are government-sponsored medical programs that provide basic health care and vaccines to low-income families. There are also private non-profit organizations that work to provide relief to low-income families when it comes to expensive prescription and medical care costs.

These are some of the programs that are available to help single moms get the coverage that they need for their family.

What Kind of Medical Assistance is Offered to Single Moms?

There are a few different types of medical bill assistance that single mothers can use to support their families. These include programs that are sponsored by the federal government, programs that are sponsored by individual states, as well as programs that are sponsored by churches and local charity groups.

Some of these assistance programs are free or inexpensive health coverage that single mothers and their children can apply for. Some of these programs are instead focused on lowering the high price of pharmaceutical medication.

Government Sponsored Medical Assistance for Single Moms

Healthcare is expensive, but one of the things that the government prioritizes when administering medical assistance is whether or not the person applying for aid is a single mother. They know that medical bills are one of the biggest drains on a single mother’s resources, and they want to alleviate this struggle as much as they can.


Some single mothers can get their daily’s health insurance by applying for the Medicaid and CHIP programs. These are means-tested programs that allow low-income families to get the health coverage that they need.

As with the rest of these government-sponsored medical assistance programs, the criteria to enroll in this program depends on the location you live in. The definition of poverty is different from place to place, and it changes every year. Even if you were not eligible to join last year, you may be eligible to join this year.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

If you are trying to pay for your medical bills without the benefit of health insurance, the price of your prescriptions will probably be one of your highest expenses. That is why the Partnership for Prescription Assistance exists, so that pharmaceutical research companies can donate medication to people in need.

This group gives families free or inexpensive access to the pharmaceuticals that they need, and is a great resource for single mothers who do not have any insurance.

Vaccines for Children Program

The Vaccines for Children Program is one of the free healthcare initiatives that the federal government provides. This public safety program makes sure that every child is able to get the vaccinations that they need to be healthy and stop the spread of disease. It does not matter what the child’s family’s income is, this program ensures that they stay healthy.

If you want to find out more information about the Vaccines for Children Program, you can get in touch with the Center for Disease Control office closest to you to find out more.

Consolidated Health Centers Program

One of the ways that the federal government alleviates the medical expenses of low income families is with a block grant that provides funds to hundreds of primary care health clinics around the United States.

This program helps single mothers get the healthcare coverage that they need in order to support their families. If you and your family are enrolled in this program, you can get free primary care health treatment at any clinic in the state that is associated with this program.

Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

Another program that gets federal funding is the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant. This is sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration. This grant provides the funds that give single mothers free or affordable access to health care for themselves and their children.

Getting Help Through Churches and Charities

If you are a single mother who is trying to get help with her medical bills, you can usually find some level of assistance from the government. However, there are still more resources out there for you to consider as an alternative.

These are some of the charities and religious organizations that are on a mission to help alleviate the high price of medical coverage.

Community Action Organization

This is a partnership of several different community action organizations. They provide aid to struggling families in several different forms. The limits of what they can offer vary from community to community based on how much funding they get. However, if you are a single mother who is struggling to pay her medical bills, it is worth checking them out to see what they can provide.

Children’s Health Fund

The Children’s Health Fund is a charitable program that provides free or affordable healthcare coverage to children who come from low-income families. This organization provides single mothers with funds that can help them pay for things like bills, medical coverage, and other services that children need.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is another charity that can help single mothers with their medical bills, especially during times of crisis.

This is one of the most famous charity organizations in the world, and they are well known for the relief they provide communities in the wake of disaster. This organization exists across America, so you can get in touch with your local chapter of the Red Cross to find out how they can help you.

Dispensary of Hope

Another medical charity organization that can help single mothers pay their medical bills is called Dispensary of Hope. This is a group who is focused on making sure that low income families have access to the medications that they need, at little to no cost for the family. 

Under this program, pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to donate their excess medication to charity rather than wasting it. Other benefits of this program are the fact that it gives doctors more samples to give patients, and it makes it easier for pharmacies to give patients the medication that they need.

Other Options to Consider

These are the most significant programs in the United States that can help single mothers pay their medical bills. These are not the only ones however.

There are also a lot of niche groups that focus on treating and spreading awareness of specific illnesses. For example, if you or one of your children is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, or even diabetes, you can probably find a specialized program that will help you pay for the treatment of that illness.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the resources that single mothers can take advantage of to get help with their family’s medical bills. You can get assistance from your local charity organizations, or from government sponsored medical treatment.

Some of these programs are focused on covering the expenses of your medical treatment, and some of these programs are focused on covering the costs of your prescription medicine. These are important parts of your budget and if you are a single mother you should take advantage of any of these programs that you can.

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