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Grants for Women in Arkansas

Arkansas women rejoice! If you are looking for funding to attend school, start a business, become a teacher, or get help with being a mother, you have come to the right place. Arkansas offers several grants to women, both federally- and privately-funded. Read on to see a few that we have hand-picked to help you on your journey.

The Amber Grant for Women

This amazing program awards twelve women per year, one per month, with $1,000 to help them fulfill their dreams. It is a privately funded grant, founded by WomensNet back in 1998 to honor the passing of a young lady by the name of Amber, who died at 19 before she was able to bring her dreams to reality.

The way the program works is, you head here to apply and answer a few questions about yourself and what you will do with the money. Next, if you are chosen you will be awarded $1,000 in grant money and will be entered automatically into the next phase. During the last phase, one lucky applicant will be chosen for a one-time award of $10,000. This grant is solely available to women.

The Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women

This grant, made possible by Soroptimist, provides assistance to those women who are the primary providers for their families and dependents. This means providing food, housing, money, and the likes. It is intended to help eligible women to improve their education and skills so they can gain a higher level of employment.

Each year, over two million dollars are granted via educational grants to women in Arkansas and other places around the world. Many recipients are domestic violence or sexual assault survivors. This is an excellent program to help women get back on their feet and better not only their lives, but the lives of their families. To apply and learn more information, visit their website.

The Pell Grant

The federally-funded Pell Grant program is a monetary grant with a maximum payout of $6,000 per school year. However, the amount you get depends on a number of factors so it is subject to change year to year. Tuition is deducted, usually, from the award amount before you receive the rest to spend on room, board, books, and living expenses.

If you live in Arkansas and wish to receive the Pell Grant, you must complete a FAFSA form, which you can complete online, and then visit the financial aid office of your chosen school. This grant is available to all Arkansas residents who do not hold a graduate or bachelors degree (with a few exceptions) and you must be attending or enrolled in a public institution. Application is fast and easy as mentioned before, simply visit the website.

The Women Infants and Children Program

This federally-funded program for women and children alike, is available to all women living in Arkansas who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or were recently pregnant in the past six months. The WIC program also provides assistance for children up to the age of five years. Nutritional education, breastfeeding help and support, food, and health care are just a sample of the services available to women in the state of Arkansas. To apply and find out if you’re eligible, you will need to contact your local WIC center and make an appointment. If you are unable to visit the office, you can reach them at 1 (800) 252-5942.

The AAUW American Fellowships

The AAUW American Fellowships grant was created to support scholars, specifically women scholars, who are either planning research leave from an accredited institution, completing a dissertation, or preparing research for publication. All applicants are evaluated on their grades, the quality of their project, and also how original their design is. Additionally, the project must involve a commitment to helping out both women and young girls within their communities. To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen, or at minimum a permanent resident of the United States of America. If you wish to learn more or apply, please visit the link here.

With many grants programs available to women, why not start applying?! If you live in Arkansas and are looking for access to education, or help bettering your life, good news, it is available! Apply for one today to see if you can qualify.

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